Hi there,
Here's where you get to learn some of my crazy! You have been warned.

Where do you get your ideas from?

People live inside my head. Seriously, they're doing their thing while I'm doing my thing, and when I have a chance I write it all down. They come to life through things I've experienced or read about, and maybe little pieces of me.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in 2005, but didn't get serious until 2010. In 2014 I lit a firecracker under my butt and started the blog and my third manuscript.

Why romance?

Seriously? Romance is a huge part of our lives. If you're not in a relationship, chances are you're searching for one. It's the greatest natural high and the deepest pain all in one. 

How do you run a book blog and have a writing career?

I am a crazy person with a serious addiction to stories. If I'm not thinking about my own, I'm reading someone else's. Carrying a notebook around is a great way to get in a page or two of writing over the day. eReaders are magical things that allow for virtually hands free reading, and reading in the dark. I don't sleep enough. Can you tell?

What authors inspire you?

Too many!! 
Penelope Ward, Colleen Hoover, Anita Shrieve, Ian McEwan, M. Leighton, Jay Crownover, Kristen Proby, Jennifer Probst, Elizabeth Noble, Christina Lauren, Katy Evans, Ciara Geraghty, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Nicholas Sparks... 

Do you write in your pyjamas?

Sometimes, yes. If I know I'll be up late writing, I get ready for bed earlier.

Caffeine or sugar?

Both! Of course.

Hot or Cold?

I live in the heat, therefore I prefer the cold. The grass—it's pretty green on the other side, ya know?

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