Monday, 15 May 2017

Finding Home

Coming Home Series

#0.5 Shattered Home—Coming mid 2017
#1 Remembering Home—Available now
#2 Finding Home—Coming mid 2017
#3 Leaving Home—TBA
#4 Coming Home—TBA

Finding Home (Coming Home #2)

Chelsea has always been wild at heart. 
But her days of letting the wild out are over. 
She's caused enough pain and anguish for the people she loves, and now she's determined to atone for her sins. Even if she has to endure over a thousand miles of separation from where her heart lies. 
Her one vice... a pretty face, and a bit of fun every now and then. Men aren't good for the long term, anyways. 
When she meets a man who is also a long way from home, chasing his dreams, she starts to wonder if one man might be worth a bit of trouble after all.
But her plans and his future are set for different destinations. 
She'll have to make a choice between her heart, or her home. 
Which one will it be?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.*

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