Monday, 15 May 2017

Convincing You

Sensing You—Available now
Convincing You—Coming late 2017

Coming late 2017
Convincing You (Sensing Series #2)

Ben's friend, Stewart, has an annoying little sister. She likes to think she can keep up with the boys, even though she's short and... female. She's entertaining, though. And her blue eyes... they're huge. She's gonna break hearts when she's older. If any little turd thinks he's going to break her heart Ben would shove Stewart out of the way to be the first one to break the punk's face. Ben's pretty sure she has a crush on him. He's just not interested in little girls who forget to breathe between sentences.

Andrea has been in love with her older brother's friend since she first watched him running around the rugby pitch in his tight shorts. He's two years older, thinks she's annoying, but she knows he likes her. She just has to bide her time. There's something about him. She sees it when she looks in his eyes.
He's no ordinary boy.
She's no ordinary girl. 
She knows things.
She knows he's her future... 
She also senses that he's her past. 
They have some unfinished business. Andrea is determined to find out what it is, despite Ben's stubborn adherence to his view of her as the annoying little sister.
When Andrea is asked to tutor Adam, Ben's younger brother, she jumps at the chance to prove that she's all grown up. Unfortunately, she may have left her run too late because Ben looks like he's moved on. 

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