Monday, 22 August 2016

Sydney Author Event Wrap Up.

Hi lovelies! I’m back from the Sydney Author Event (SAE) and here to share the experience with you. Firstly, I’ve got to say that I’m still a newbie in this industry. I’m just getting to know who’s who on the Aussie scene, and this is only the second book signing event that I’ve attended. I have nothing but praise for the team of organisers; Ryn, Tash, Renee, Kell, Amanda and Kristine; and volunteers. The atmosphere in The Ivy Sunroom was so positive and vibrant. Decked out in black and hot pink, the team worked hard, buzzing around the room, handing out lollipops and marshmallows for the patient/ impatient queue dwellers. The bond between them was obvious, as was the mutual respect between the team and the authors that attended. I think they made the event extra special.

There is something about being around like minded people. Book fanatics whose familiar faces I’m just starting to attach names to. Where it’s totally fine to start talking to the total stranger in front of you in the line because you’re there for a common goal and common interest. I met authors Gemma Arlington and Ann Mickhan while in the line to get in. Hi ladies!

I’ve got to say that I was impressed with all the authors. I stood in line for Christina Lauren for quite a while watching those ladies sign stacks of books for each person while they chatted away. And they weren’t the only ones at risk of repetitive strain injury. 

Leisa Rayven took control of my phone when I asked for a selfie, but admitted that I’m completely unco at taking them. She is a selfie pro and talked me through the entire process. Apparently you have to use your left hand, make sure your hair is right and centre the picture properly. I’d have dropped the phone three times by the end of the lesson if I was in control. I’ve just finished reading Bad Romeo, so I picked up a copy of Broken Juliet and got it signed. *Squee* I can’t recommend the series enough, but get all the books before you start because, cliff hanger alert.

My goodies! Sorry, these are for me.

I was a bit bummed that I had to leave the second session early, but my little man had had enough of walking around the city. Thanks to my husband for taking charge so I could have some me time. #parentinglife.

I had a brilliant time. I’ll be back for #SAE2019! Maybe I’ll be experiencing it from the other side of the table. Who knows? Enjoy the pictures.

These are for you!

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